Monday, September 25, 2006

Day Twenty-Five

Word count: 48,438

Writing is a great journey. It is a path with the possibility of making us free. And it can do all of this while you sit at a desk.
- from "Wild Mind"

New scenes keep popping into my head and I frantically type them in, adding more and more words to this novel, knowing that it is not in any kind of sequence that makes any kind of sense yet. That will come during the revision process. I just keep telling myself that this is the down draft. I am just getting everything that I know down. The next phase is the up draft, where I fix it up, deepening what I know, adding layers. I have read a few pages here and there and while it is far from perfect I can feel some sparks there on the page. It is the kind of book I would be drawn to read.


Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you kid! I think you are proceeding just as planned and it is working out just as should be expected. I believe the whole process you are going through will increase the spontaneity of the story and, thereby, its credibility. It will reflect more of the real you and not the you you think you should be or that you think others think you should be.

(Clumsy sentence that last, but you get the point)

Kim Haas said...

Thanks Dad! I love how the quote from today kind of echoes your supposed "clumsy" last sentence. Another benefit has been that this fast pace has left little room for any overthinking or self-doubt on my part. There will be plenty of time for both later.