Friday, September 01, 2006

Day One

It is 12:30 on Day 1 and I have 2461 words under my belt. Not bad. My minimum is 1700 a day. So now I have a teeny tiny cushion and it is only just past noon. Maybe I can squeeze in another writing session later today. But I don't have to. It took me about 2 1/2 hours to write that this morning. That was after doing yoga and my morning pages. And that wasn't two and half straight hours of frenzied typing. That included time to get some water, grab a handful of almonds and just gaze out the window, trying to see what happens next in my story.

I found this set of miniature card with quotes by Natalie Goldberg. Since it was her book "Writing Down the Bones" that inspired me those many, many years ago to even attempt to write myself I decided to draw one card a day and use it as my focus. I will share them with you. Today's was:

"Writing is the willingness to see." from "Long Quiet Highway"

While I know that part of the "seeing" she is referring to is seeing the truth or seeing what is really there, I took it literally today and tried to see in my mind the scene as it unfolds. It helped to ground me as I started this adventure. In the beginning in can be too easy for me to get stuck in their heads. Closing my eyes and seeing the story was helpful. I noticed details that I think will be important as the story goes on.

I wrote what feels like a complete chapter today. Who knows if it will end up that way or if everyday will end up like that. I'm not counting on it. This story is told through the eyes of three main characters. Today it was Owen's story. Next is his sister Lucy then his mother, Grace.

Before I close the window on the story later today, I want to make sure I have at least the start of the next sentence typed in so I have a place to start from tomorrow. Isn't that an old Hemingway trick? If not the actual sentence then at least a prompt that I can use to springboard from when I sit down here on Day 2.

It's a good thing I sent out that email and set up this blog yesterday. When I woke up this morning I knew it would be really, really easy to just let this whole wild idea fade away. What I've always considered to be one of my greatest weakensses (caring so much what people think of me) is now being turned into a great motivational tool.

Thanks to everyone who sent me their good writing juju! It's working.
- Kim

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Audrey said...

I am forever awed and inspired by your drive. I'm sending you much good juju for your crazy month of writing.