Friday, September 15, 2006

Day Fifteen

It's amazing how the more I write, the more material is churned up and needs to be written. Even at the movie theater yesterday I had to take out the notebook I carry dedicated to this novel and there in the dark scribbled two pages of ideas that came to me as I was watching the movie. I looked at them this morning and not only can I actually read them, but they all seem to still be good ideas.

I thought I was going to describe the house today but Lucy's scene, that I thought had ended yeseterday, went on for the full 2000 words today. Now, it won't all stay in the order I've written it in this draft, but most of it will find a place- somewhere I think. I hope.

I now realize how writing everyday takes a certain physical readiness. During these last fifteen days I have been eating really healthy food which,for me, means not too much sugar; working out 30-60 every day; plus 20 minutes of yoga and meditation early in the morning; maybe walking again in the late afternoon or early evening where I usually get some good ideas for the story; and I've been in bed by 9:00 most nights. If not for that structure to support me, I doubt I could continue at this pace.

Total word count: 32, 136

"Writing brings you back to the natural state of mind, the wilderness of your mind where there are no refined rows of gladiolas."
- from "Wild Mind"

I love the line: there are no refined rows of gladiolas

Off to another mid-afternoon flick. Aaah... the sweet rewards of slowly reaching my goals.

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