Thursday, September 14, 2006

Day Fourteen

Well, I set a goal of breaking 30,00 words today and I just reached 30, 024. According to the schedule in the book I should reach 30,000 by day 18 so I am 4 days ahead of schedule.

For a reward I am treating myself to a couple of movies. Today I am seeing "The illusionist" and tomorrow it is "The Last Kiss" with Zach Braff. I loved his movie "Garden State". We'll see if this new one is just as good.

"Don't wait for 100% acceptance of yourself before you write,or even 80%. Just write. The process of writing will teach you about acceptance."
- from "Wild Mind"

I am just writng everyday. Just showing up and seeing what happens. Accepting that whatever gets written that day, even if it doesn't survive the final cut, it still was necessary to get me to the end. Everything I write tells me more of what I need to know about the story and characters. So accept it all, even if as you write you know the scene is a little sentimental or the dialogue a little cheesy. It can all be fixed later. Now is the time to just write.

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