Sunday, September 03, 2006

Day Three

If I hadn't made this pact with myself and announced it to the world, today would've been a prime day to just let it slide. To just tell myself that I have enough short stories stacked up from my writer's group that I can go back and revise. Why pile on a whole novel on top of it? I am very, very good and talking myself into or out of promises I make to myself. But because I consider this a pact I sat down and typed. It took me four separate sessions to rack up my quota for the day but I am at 6168 words now. Not bad. My goal is 2000 a day, 1700 minimum so I still have a slight cushion as I head into my first full week which includes getting my family back onto a school schedule, never an easy transition.

My quote today:

Writing is a place where we can meet ourselves deeply, encounter the imprint of something immense running through us.
- from "Thunder and Lightning"

Honestly, I forgot to pick one until my third session so although the card is propped up against the edge of the monitor, it hasn't been inspiring the writing today. I can see how it could but really today was just about grinding out my quota. I think I must've checked my word counter a dozen times, just to see where I was at.

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