Saturday, September 16, 2006

Day Sixteen

I'm finding myself really enjoying the expanse of a novel. I love having all this space to roam freely in and out of my character's heads, lives and pasts. I wrote part of a novel eight or so years ago then freaked myself out and decided I didn't know what I was doing and maybe I should focus on short stories just to learn about the craft of fiction in a smaller form. Since then I've written forty or so stories. So I am used to the tightness and control of the short story form. But now, especially making this mad dash through 50,000 in thrity days, I am feeling free to just let it rip and see where it takes me. It is an amazing ride.

My goal this weekend is to do 1000 words each day. Just to stay connected to the story but letting myself have a bit of a break.

Total word count: 33, 161

"Trust your own mind."
- from "Long Quiet Highway"

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