Thursday, September 07, 2006

Day Seven

Word count: 15, 286

Go ahead. Say it: "I am a writer." Practice saying it when people ask you what you do. You might feel like a complete fool. That is okay. Step forward and say it anyway."
from Wild Mind

I've said it before and I don't feel like a complete fool. It's more like a complete fraud. Because inevitably the next question is "What book have you written?" Or "Can I buy your book in a bookstore?" And the answer is: "No books. Not yet anyway." And there is this uncomfortable pause that I sometimes rush to fill by detailing my own criteria for calling myself a writer. That i have had a couple of articles published. But they were in small publications. And not any of my fiction. But then I did get my fiction published and even won a first place monetary award. Yet I still feel compelled to qualify it. Well, it was a very small publication. It wasn't a large contest. Blah, blah, blah. I swear, if I won the Pulitzer I would still find a way to demean the achievement.

I am a writer because I write pretty much everyday. I am a writer because I can't not write. I am may not earn my living writing in the same way that I do as a graphic designer but I earn my life by writing. But people don't really want to hear about that. So when it does come up, I usually just say that "I write." Because I do. No qualifying necessary.


Anonymous said...


You are insane (in a good way) and I totally look up to this thing you're doing, which is insane by the way. You make me look terrible since I'm worried and complaining about having to produce 5,000 words in a week (because I have a story due for workshop in a week, and I'm estimating about 5,000 words of work).

But anyway, this is awesome, and inspiring, and sort of intimidating and scary. All I know is I will keep your writing fury in mind when I'm in front of my often daunting computer screen.

john (holliday)

Anonymous said...

oh, yay. We can comment now.

I echoe what john said - you are, in a good way, very insane. I am anxious to see you Sunday and make sure you are still functional. I am excited about this project.