Monday, November 26, 2007

Reading with Pen in Hand

Outside my window fat flakes of snow are falling. It looks like a snow globe out there.

I finished "The Best Place to Be" by Lesley Dormen. It is a novel-in-stories. I didn't realize it but I had read several of the stories already. I guess in literary journals or on-line perhaps. Anyway, the stories are strong, honest, funny, bitter. There were some lines that just made me gasp at the raw honesty exposed. It gave me some ideas about my own novel-in-stories. Mine spans a wider range of years and I've been writing it chronologically. But hers is not set up that way which is interesting and yet you still get the full arc of Grace's life. Each story kind of bleeds into the next. And each one echoes a previous story although not necessarily the one right before it. This is one I'll be reading again with a pen in hand this time.

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