Friday, November 23, 2007

Observe Instead of Retreat

I am sitting in my office and it is 4:54. The light is quickly fading. Long inky clouds stretch across the horizon, halos of peach feathering at the edges. It feels like I can see the sun setting before me eyes. Why am I always surprised when the days get shorter and shorter and darker and darker? It's not like it's a new phenomenon. It happens every winter and yet I am still amazed when I am sitting in complete darkness at 5:30. The trick now is to use these dark, short days to fuel my creativity in a new direction instead of letting it hibernate for the winter.

I find myself restless in the evenings. I feel like I should be in bed when it is only 7:30 at night. Instead of retreating this seems like a great opportunity to just observe my process and how it relates to nature and the seasons and the light and the dark.

Nina Bagley reflects on how the seasons effect her creative process here.

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