Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Day

My Day
1. Car sputtered backing out of driveway. Check engine light came on.
2. It never went off.
3. Took husband in for a medical procedure.
4. Sat in waiting room, well, waiting for it to be over.
5. Incredibly grateful that it was just a routine procedure and he is fine.
6. Shopped for daughter's fourteenth birthday.
7. Preparing for sleepover tomorrow night hosting ten teenagers and two tweens.
8. Bought the latest issue of "Somerset Studio." Can't wait to get in my jammies and let all that creativity wash over me...while I watch Grey's Anatomy. (Unless it's pre-empted by the writer's strike. Go writers!!)
9. Remembered I had to blog today since I signed up to post everyday this month.
10. So here's my post.

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