Monday, November 05, 2007

No Wrong Way to Do It

Graphic Design
I didn't realize how much I missed doing graphic design until I got some freelance work again. I am having so much fun. I even splurged on a bunch of new software so that I can finally learn web design. I've been wanting to create a website for my writing, collage/mixed media and graphic design for a couple of years now. This blog was going to serve as a temporary base for all of that. Right now I'm visiting lots of websites to get an idea of what I like and what really annoys me as I navigate my way through all of them. It's all quite exciting.

I procrastinated with the best of them this morning but I finally managed to sit down and get 551 words written on the next story that I promised to have ready for workshop in two weeks.It will be the proverbial shitty first draft as Anne Lamott says but at least it's something. I can revise something. I can't revise a blank sheet of paper. This stage should be freeing. There's no wrong way to do it. I have half a notebook filled with bits and pieces of scenes and dialogue and description. Now it's time to pour it into some kind of structure. Just do it already.


anna said...

I just have to say I really enjoy reading this blog. You sound like the most inspirationally multi-facetted person! I wish you very well with all your creative endeavours, including the proverbial first draft...I never like anybody seeing mine either...

Andi said...

I love that "Shitty First Drafts" chapter of Lamott's book. When I taught in a university the writing department required that all freshmen read that essay. Of course they recoiled from the word shit at first ("A college prof just said shit!!!") but then when they read it, I think they found it somewhat liberating. I know I did.

Kim Haas said...

I love finding new visitors to my blog!

Arabella- thank you so much. I love the perspective of "inspirationally multi-facetted person.' Much better than my harsh POV of an unfocused dilettante. And my daughter was quite impressed to see that a person from Australia read my blog!

Andi- Great to hear from you! I try to get my daughters to use the shitty first draft but we call it "sloppy copy." But at that age their idea of revision is basically spell-checking it.