Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Gentle Meandering

I'm finding myself browsing through books I've read before on creativity. On writing. On inspiration. Motivation. Between the short days and early darkness and the holidays I find myself sinking into a kind of creative lethargy. It's okay for now. All cycles need waxing and waning. Ups and downs. Usually the ups and downs feel like a rollercoaster and I am just holding on for dear life. But it feels different now. Less frantic. More a gentle meandering through my creative process. I had planned on working on the collage for our Christmas cards this year but the day kind of slipped away from me with long phone calls with family and friends. Then some shopping. Then groceries. Then the girls and I settled in and watched a couple of sappy Christmas movies on ABC Family and that's okay. It's been a lovely day. For once I am not beating myself up over not doing what I had planned on doing. There's time. As much as these short days like us to think otherwise, there is time.

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