Thursday, March 29, 2007

An All Around Excellent Day

It's been an excellent writing day. Finally, finally, finally this second story in my collection fell into place. All the scenes fell into a new order that makes so much more sense and it feels inevitable. That has to be good, right? I just need to smooth out a few scenes, fill in a few gaps and send it off to my writing group for our next meeting. I'm sure they'll be grateful to see a new story. Same character but new story.

It's been an excellent library day. I checked out "Awake in the Dark" by Shira Nayman. It's a story collection that I've been eyeing at the bookstore for a while. And "Blind Submission" by Debra Ginsberg which is a novel set in the bookstore/publishing business.

And it's been an excellent bookstore day. I got the new CD by Amy Winehouse. It's playing now. She has this great phrase in the third song "What kind of f**kery is this?" I think it could catch on... Plus a book called "Writer Mama" by Christina Katz which I think is probably aimed at moms with kids younger than mine but it looks like she has some great tips for breaking into magazine writing which is something I want to do. I also bought the latest issue of a magazine out of the UK called "Psychologies." It's one of the few magazines where I read practically every aricle.

And I cleaned up our art studio in the basement. Now that it's a bit more organized maybe that will entice to go make some art.

So, yes, all in all an excellent day so far... Bring on the evening of homework, dinner and negotiating the inevitable sibling rivalry...


Estella said...

Wow, that is an all-around good day!

I just noticed an ad for Amy Winehouse in the latest issue of Bust Magazine, so I'm excited to hear someone in the blogaverse mention her. Might have to check it out!

Kim Haas said...

I highly recommend checking it out. It's called"Back to Black." I've been playing it constantly. Even cleaned the house to it this morning with my daughters and it made it not only bearable but maybe even a tiny bit enjoyable.